Sunday, 2 November 2014


I decided to follow the example of some of my friends and stay positive online. I will post 100 pictures, representing 100 happy moments of my life. Acting silly, laughing out loud, enjoying the sun - it doesn't matter as long there is a sparkle in the eye and beam on the face. I can only hope you'll follow my lead and share the love. Be positive! Smile! Do good! Smile again! If I could turn a cloudy rainy day into a rainbow, even for one of you, that would be a win, a hope for a better future. Use the hash tag #100HappyDays, spread the love and be happy! 

1. Day one of my #100HappyDays I've spent in Chatsworth, UK. Acting crazy in this amazing place, surrounded by beautiful gardens, cascades and grand buildings. Place where the history soaks up in every inch of land and carries in the air. Place that have inspired the setting in FIGHTING THE IMPOSSIBLE.

2.  Day two I've spent stuffing chocolate cake in my mouth although I was on a ship and felt rather sea-sick. I look happy anyway :)

3. Day number three is a New Year's Eve a few years back, and the amazing traditional Bulgarian dancers that entertained us.

4. The fourth of my #100HappyDays is a typical Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK. Barbeque, beer, caravan park and rain :)

5. Day five is in the lovely Bruges. History, romance, diamonds, chocolate and beer mixed into one.

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