Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Teaser Tuesday, Madness or Love


Madness or Love is out in the world, and I feel very proud of the coming reviews. I know you're curious about Victoria and Ian's friendship/love. So, here is a little spiced up excerpt.
I have warned you! SPOILER ALERT!

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"Victoria searched for the right words, but at the exact moment she opened her mouth, her phone rang. A simple “Ian” brightened up the display, and her heart jumped involuntarily. Her finger hesitated over the accept button. Her eyes met Thomas’s.
“I need to take this. I’m sorry.”
“No problem. Take your time,” he reassured her.
She stood up, took the vibrating phone, made several hasty steps, and took the call.
“Hey,” came Ian’s voice on the other end of the line.
She reached the front door and stepped out. “Hey.”
They both paused, savoring the moment of complete joy and mutual understanding. Despite all the turmoil inside her soul, she smiled.
“I’m sorry,” were his first words. “I should have called sooner.”
“Don’t be. I know you were busy,” she said quietly. 
“That isn’t a legit excuse. I’ll make it up to you.”
“Be careful.” She laughed. “I might actually wish for something.” I might wish for you, echoed in her mind. “It’s nice to be back home, huh?”
“I thought that, too, but sitting in an empty apartment alone is not the best idea I have for a fun time.”
“You need to get away. Lose yourself in some tropical island and shut out the rest of the world. A couple of days in radio silence could do wonders,” Victoria suggested.
“I’m not convinced. Lying on the beach alone; I don’t
“Then ask someone to come with you.” A lump formed in her throat. She knew the meaning behind her words, but he deserved to be happy with someone. She did too. A group of giggly girls passed by her.
“Where are you?” he asked, ignoring her suggestion.
She hesitated. “Out.”
“A fun girl’s night out?”
She paused again. She had never lied to him; she wasn’t about to start now.
“No,” she said weakly, fighting the guilt. “I’m having a dinner . . . A date.”
It was his turn to fall quiet. “Oh, I didn’t know you . . . were dating someone.”
Victoria felt the accusation in his voice, but she couldn’t be sure if it was because she hadn’t told him or because she was with another man. “It’s our first date.”
“Have you know him a long time?” Ian sounded tense.
“No, not really. I’ve met him once. He’s a friend of Kim’s.”
The silence stretched. She had never felt so uncomfortable talking to him. “Ian
“So,” he interrupted quietly, “you’re out with a man you know nothing about.” After a sharp intake of air, he exploded. “Are you out of your mind?”
It took her a few seconds to process his reaction. “Excuse me?” She frowned at her phone.
“Do you live in a vacuum? Don’t you read the news? What if he’s a sadist, a serial killer, a rapist, or a pedophile, or any kind of creep for that matter?”
“You’re joking, right?” she asked.
Ian felt his rage rising; the room darkened, and his vision blurred. Damn you, Victoria, he thought. He clenched the phone tighter. “Do I sound like I’m joking? Do you have any idea how many perverts are out there?”
Victoria felt torn between the warm feeling that he cared and the anger. “This is ridiculous. Thomas is a great guy, and I actually was having a great time . . .” She swallowed the last three words “before you called” and bit her tongue. The sentence hung in the air, but he got the meaning.
Ian ignored the comment and the pain in his chest. “Please don’t tell me you’re planning to go home with him.”
Was that fear or disgust in his voice? Victoria opened her mouth to protest or reassure him, to defend her actions, to tell him she’s sorry, but in the end, her anger took over. All of the frustration and confusion from the past few days seeped into her bitter words. “And how’s that any of your business?”
“V . . .” he started with a softer tone.
“You had no problem when I went out with you the first time.”
“That was different,” he growled.
She hated fighting with him and shivered involuntarily. “And how was that different?”
“I would never hurt you.” His words came very slowly and quietly, almost whispered in her ear.
She felt angry tears stinging in her eyes. “Really? Are you sure about that?” she asked, desperately trying to control her voice.
Ian took a breath. Fighting with Victoria wasn’t easy. The need to comfort her, to have her in his arms, took over the anger. “V
“You know what?” she interrupted. “I’ll hang up now, before you or I say anything we’ll regret.”
“Victoria!” Her name lingered in the air, but she pressed the red button. Her hands were shaking slightly. She blinked rapidly to chase away the stinging reminder of her love. She starred at the phone—the last and only connection she had with him. The display brightened again, lit by Ian’s name. She turned the phone off."

Monday, 3 November 2014

New day! New cover!

MADNESS OR LOVE is out. I thought the book is ready to go to the public, but looking at the
Amazon's page over and over again, I decided to change the cover. You might think the wrappings of a present are irrelevant, but I will disagree. We buy with our eyes and read with our hearts. What's behind the cover is important, but in order to turn the first page in a book we need a shiny wrapping.
I hope I did a better job this time. I would love to read your comments, no matter positive or negative.
Don't forget that Madness or Love is enrolled in KDP Select. What that means for you? You can read the book for free if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited or are a Prime member.
Come back tomorrow for a taste of Ian and Victoria's love and the #TeaserTueasday.

Happy reading!
Love. Selina

Sunday, 2 November 2014


I decided to follow the example of some of my friends and stay positive online. I will post 100 pictures, representing 100 happy moments of my life. Acting silly, laughing out loud, enjoying the sun - it doesn't matter as long there is a sparkle in the eye and beam on the face. I can only hope you'll follow my lead and share the love. Be positive! Smile! Do good! Smile again! If I could turn a cloudy rainy day into a rainbow, even for one of you, that would be a win, a hope for a better future. Use the hash tag #100HappyDays, spread the love and be happy! 

1. Day one of my #100HappyDays I've spent in Chatsworth, UK. Acting crazy in this amazing place, surrounded by beautiful gardens, cascades and grand buildings. Place where the history soaks up in every inch of land and carries in the air. Place that have inspired the setting in FIGHTING THE IMPOSSIBLE.

2.  Day two I've spent stuffing chocolate cake in my mouth although I was on a ship and felt rather sea-sick. I look happy anyway :)

3. Day number three is a New Year's Eve a few years back, and the amazing traditional Bulgarian dancers that entertained us.

4. The fourth of my #100HappyDays is a typical Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK. Barbeque, beer, caravan park and rain :)

5. Day five is in the lovely Bruges. History, romance, diamonds, chocolate and beer mixed into one.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Book Blitz Recap

First, I would like to thank all of the bloggers that took part in the Book Blitz for Madness or Love organized by Lola's Blog Tours. A special shout out goes to:

3 Partners in Shopping
Kimberly and Company
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Books need TLC
Fandemonium Network
Beanie Brain Reader
The Caffeinated Booknerd
Paradise of Pages
The Phantom Paragrapher
The Book Nerd Life
Katherine Skye

If I have missed anyone, please don't hesitate to contact me.
I must say that I am quite happy with the results and the best part is that now I have so much more new friends who're passionate about books.
The giveaway is still on, and you have a chance to win $5 Amazon voucher or one of ten e-copies of Madness or Love.
There is still time to grab the novel for 99 cents - future price: $2.99
If you have read Victoria and Ian's story don't forget to leave an honest review. Thank you!

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Book Blitz Update


In case you're wondering Madness or Love is doing great! Four wonderful customers reviews, and #12,382 paid in Kindle Store. One could always crave more, but I am a genuinely happy person and appreciate even the smallest victories. For an unknown author like me Madness or Love is a success. Probably there were million other things I should have done to organize a better book launch, but on a tight budget I did pretty great.
Today is day three of the Book Blitz hosted by Lola's Blog Tours, and I'll update you on the wonderful blogs who are participating.

Books Need TLC

Fandemonium Network

BeanieBrain Reader

I will come back later to add more, because they all deserve a bow for the hard work and the constant support they give authors like me.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway and win $5 Amazon gift voucher and one of ten e-copies of Madness or Love. You would find the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the Home Page.
Here is a tiny excerpt to prick your curiosity and make you want more!

Tell me about that dream of yours,” he compelled her.
Victoria hesitated for a fraction before speaking. “I actually dreamed about it once,” she said, slightly embarrassed. “I saw my hotel, a grand white house, the staircase with ornate wooden railings, the big French windows on the ground floor, the gardens surrounding the place. I can even recall the smell of the roses.” She looked down, not sure why she had told him all that.
“It sounds like a beautiful and peaceful place,” he said softly.
She looked up, expecting him to mock her, but his eyes disproved her.
“Do you think you’ll be able to pull this off?”
“Not without help from a bank,” she answered, “a business credit, I hope, mortgage if I have to. But it’s too soon. I need some solid ground under my feet before I can run and beg for money.” She stated the reality of the situation without a hint of desperation. Victoria had accepted the truth and had refused to be downhearted.
He fell silent for a few seconds. “I think I can help you. I know some people into recycling materials, energy-saving lighting, that kind of stuff.” He smiled, amused by her wide eyes; the green brightened up and transformed into molten turquoise. Bewitched, he briefly closed his eyes and continued. “I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you when you’re ready. And sometimes it’s all about knowing the right people.”
She looked at him in disbelief. “You’ll do that for me?”
“Of course, I will.” He tried to sound nonchalant, but the truth was he would do almost anything for her and those mesmerizing eyes. “Just give me a call when you have the property or whenever you need advice.” He casually continued with his meal.
There was slight confusion in her eyes. “Give you a call?”
“Yes, you have my number.”
“You gave me your real, private number?”
It was his turn to look confused. “Of course,” he said slowly, like talking to a child. “What other number would I give you?”
She studied him and desperately tried to figure out if he was stupid or completely naïve. “You don’t know me.”
“You gave me your number,” Ian said nonchalantly with an impish smile.
“It’s not the same,” she insisted.
“Why?” He leaned back and waited for the answer. The pull was too strong, and he could barely resist. The face of the woman in front of him displayed an array of emotions—from confusion and disbelief to respect, admiration, and maybe, just maybe, buried deep behind those green eyes, the first sparks of passion.
“How can you possibly know you can trust me?” she insisted. “I could sell the number to some tabloid. I’m pretty sure they are desperate for every bit and scrap of celebrity gossip.”    
“Are you trying to convince me that I can’t trust you?” he asked, amused. “Because I do,” he paused, “no matter how crazy that sounds.”
She opened her mouth to say something, but the words failed her.
“Listen,” he started seriously, “I’m not naïve; I know people can be cruel, calculating, manipulative, unscrupulous. Where I live, you can’t always tell who your true friends are. So you try to be conscious, and you second-guess everything. You hide in your shell, and you end up being alone, sitting on the couch on your weekend off.” He stopped suddenly, his mind somewhere back in time.
He has been hurt, she thought, by a woman or a very close friend. But that didn’t give her an explanation of his actions, though.
He took a deep breath and looked straight into her astounded green eyes. “But there is one thing I’ve learned in life—to trust my gut, unconditionally. How do I know you’re to be trusted?” He shrugged. “I can’t explain; I just do.”
Victoria blinked and tried to stay focused and calm through the haze of her emotions.
“It’s more of a feeling,” he continued. “The first time I saw you behind that desk, I knew I had found a special person, one who could be a true friend.” His eyes burned her, pierced her soul. “But you’re right,” he said in a lighter tone, “I need to be more careful with my private number.”
He waited for her, an answer, reaction, anything. She wasn’t sure how to feel about all that. The truth surfaced in her eyes—she felt the same. “I understand,” she said simply. The silence gave her a moment to pull herself back together. A smile lit up her face. “I have a proposal for you.”
His curiosity was piqued.
“Next time you end up alone on the couch in need of a friend to talk to, call me!”
He searched her eyes for a hint of fakeness, but they sparkled in the dim light, full of genuine concern. “I just might take you up on that offer.”
“I hope you will. Now,” she paused, “can we have a dessert?”
His eyes widened in shock. “You eat sweets?”
“You make it sound like something outrageous. Wait! Do you think I don’t need to eat sugar because I’m fat?”
She was clearly teasing him, but he decided to play along. “No, no, you look . . .” He trailed off. “You surprised me. Most of the women I know are either vegan or on some crazy diet. It’s tiresome. I adore people who know how to enjoy food.”
“Why the hesitation in your eyes, then? Don’t tell me your trainer is going to kill you!”
Ian laughed. “Always right on the spot.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell even if he tries to wring it out of me,” she vowed.
Ian couldn’t help but smile. Victoria made him feel at ease, at peace with the world, understood, appreciated, and respected. A permanent grin settled on his face.
“Come on, we can share one,” she pleaded.
“How can I say no to that lovely face?”
She felt her cheeks turn red.
He ignored her reaction. “You choose!”
“Chocolate melt,” she said instantly.
The waiter brought the dessert a few minutes later.
Victoria frowned. “It’s so small.”
“You can have it. Please, don’t cry!”
She looked up at him with a devilish gleam in her eyes. “You’re ready to sacrifice this chocolate heaven for me?”
“Are you mocking me?” He leaned forward, and his lively deep-blue eyes made her dizzy.
She swallowed hard and tried to clear her mind. The man in front of her was everything a woman could ever dream of—gorgeous, charming, gentle, humorous, respectful. But he was out of reach, at least to her.
“We had a deal. We’ll share!” she said finally. In fact, any other woman would want to share a lot more with him than a chocolate melt at that moment, but Victoria knew he would be out of her life in a day."

Friday, 24 October 2014

Madness or Love - The Release Day

The release day of Madness or Love is finally here. Today is the start of a four day Book Blitz and Giveaway hosted by Lola's Blog Tours. I will be updating you on the progress, and all the lovely blogs that participate in the madness of love ;) The special thank you goes to them:
Lola's Blog Tours - for organizing the Blitz

Kimberly and Company

Curling Up With A Good Book

3 Partners in Shopping

Don't waist time! Visit and share! BUY AT AMAZON

Victoria is the young woman every girl wants to be—bright, driven, confident, and compassionate. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She never gives up on her dreams. But her personal life is a bit dull. At least, until she met him.
Ian Young is Hollywood's rising star. His impossibly-deep blue eyes are the talk of every magazine. His masculine body and chiseled face are in every girl’s dreams.
Fate brings them together one night in London, and they click perfectly. Against all logic, the strange connection between them deepens.
But will their friendship withstand the distance? Will the ocean between them tear them apart, or will love get in the way?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Madness or Love - Last few hours until The Release Day

I am extremely excited and proud to present you with my latest title Madness or Love (Be With Me Book One). With the last few hours until the release trickling away I am with mixed feelings--fear and expectations swirling into one overwhelming emotion. The release day of a book is like the birth of your child; it's hard and painful, but at the end it so satisfying.

As of tomorrow I'll keep you updated on the Book Blitz hosted by Lola's Blog Tours and will post about all the wonderful blogs that will participate.
Thank you for reading my novel!
Don't be shy and leave a review!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Meet Ian Young

I though it would be easier to write about Ian Young - the main male character in Madness or Love. I was wrong. It could be that his eyes are so distracting and make my thoughts swirling in my head. Or maybe it's the real person behind the deep-blue eyes, the one who was the inspiration for the character. The man behind Ian Young is inspirational, gorgeous, hardworking, compassionate, animal lover, and a brilliant actor. He crossed my life few years back, indirectly, but managed to leave a deep mark. He touched me, and I honored him in the pages of my novel. That was the least I could do.
So, Ian Young is a projection, a mirrored image of a great man. But page after page he transformed and got a life of his own. I pray I'll meet him one day, and you may think that's too farfetched, but we'll speak again when some big movie studio picks Madness or Love :) for their next project. Dreams are free, you know!
Care to bury your fingers in Ian's unruly hair?


Monday, 20 October 2014

Meet Victoria Dean

I think every author weaves parts of his/her soul and mind into a character. Or maybe our heroes/ heroines are a projection of our dreams and hopes to be better if not perfect human beings.
I know for sure that Victoria Dean is my better self. She is still young (not over thirty with the first signs of gray hair), has a perfect style and confidence, when on the contrary I wear my boring dark-blue uniform five days out of seven. She's driven and never gives up. Victoria can separate her personal from her professional life. Guess who often can't! She's the young woman I always wanted to be. The reality turned out different from my dreams and goals, but I found writing. Being an author is like living in several completely incompatible realities. And that's the beauty of writing.
I chose to be Victoria Dean--at least for a small fraction of time.
If you want to dive into her world, you could meet her HERE.
Madness or Love available October 24.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Editor Love

I know many of you are independent authors like me, and I must say--the self-publishing world is a cruel place. We all lack the resources and funds to successfully create and market our books. We write with our hearts and we are no marketing experts. But in order to survive in the self-publishing world we need to transform from artists to sales gurus.
When I decided to write my first novella I had no idea about the obstacles I was to face. I just wanted to write, to type word after word, and to pour my heart out onto those pages. I did my research into KDP, downloaded a formatting guidance, and started with Fighting the Impossible. After many months juggling between writing and my full-time job, I was finally ready to hit the "Publish" button. But I had made a crucial mistake. I published my book without working with a professional editor. I had ignored the fact that there could be no successful business without an initial investment. I haven't created the best product, and no amount of advertising could have changed that.
What was worst--my mistake had branded me to the point where a reviewer declined my newest book because of the editing mistakes in my previous one. Luckily for me I had came to my senses after a couple of eyes-opening reviews and started the search of the perfect editor. I had almost no budget, but I was willing to beg.
It's funny how I don't remember the day I stumbled upon Courtney Umphress, and my life as a writer changed dramatically. I know one for sure--that was my lucky day. I just love critic; I'm open to new horizons and knowledge. The process wasn't painful, and the day I got my edited manuscript, colored all in red, was the first day of my future writing carrier. Actually, writing this post I am thinking about her. She would probably have a field day reading, correcting and rewording my ramblings. Courtney, I hope I haven't disappointed you.
Over an year had past since that day, and now we had finished working over Madness or Love. The beauty of it--I have found not only the perfect editor for my style, but a friend that had supported me through my insecurities and doubts. That's my way to show my love for you--the bow goes to you! Now I have much more time for reading and writing my upcoming novel Let Your Heart Believe (Be With Me Book 2).

If you're reading this post and you're an author searching for an editor--your quest ends here. Look no more! You can contact Courtney Umphress HERE and like her on Facebook.

Friday, 17 October 2014


The wait is over.
I want to thank all of you who participated in my crazy cover reveal event.
Especially Lynn, Philomena, Lyssa, Matt, Heidi and Mel. I know I didn't give you much time to organize and prepare. I love and respect all of you. I am thankful that I started writing and met people like you. I pray you'll love the cover and the book when it comes out on 24/10.
I'll try to entertain you during the next week with some excerpts, fun facts, and trivia.
Get to know Victoria and Ian and become their friend.
Don't forget, there's still time to sigh up for the Book Blitz organized by Lola's Blog Tours!

Thursday, 16 October 2014


The cover is almost in front of your eyes, but . . . You'll have to wait just one more day to see my creation. I know it sounds like bragging, but I am really proud of my work. I have been designing the covers for all my books and I hope you'll agree I did well. The elusive cover of MADNESS OR LOVE is just twenty-four hours away.
and read
Until then you can enjoy a tiny excerpt!
Love you all!
"She went to work that day without suspecting that her life would change inevitably. She felt the strange aura with the first steps she made into the spacious lobby. It was quiet, too quiet for a hotel in central London at 8:00 p.m. Two of her colleagues at the front desk whispered lively.
 Stacy noticed her first and impatiently waved her hand. “You won’t believe it,” she said in a hushed voice. Her eyes burned, and her cheeks flushed. “We’ll have a VIP guest. He should arrive before midnight. Imagine!”
“Who is he?” Victoria interrupted impatiently. The only thought on her mind was the immense pressure and expectations that a “very important person” would bring to the staff. And besides, she never understood the hysteria surrounding the rich and famous. In her mind, they were all just humans.
“Ian Young,” came Stacy’s squeaky answer.
“Who?” Victoria lifted her brows questioningly.
Her colleague looked dumbfounded. “You don’t know who he is!” Her tone raised a notch. She looked at her as if Victoria just killed someone, or at least stole her favorite curling iron.
Victoria’s amused smile turned into a frown while she wondered how anyone could be so shallow. Stacy would never win any kind of “bright mind” award, true, but to Victoria, her life was only Friday night parties, boys, and celebrity gossip. She waited patiently but wasn’t prepared for the answer.
“Born 1986, New Orleans, one sister. He started his career as a model at sixteen; first movie—Broken Stars—wasn’t a success. He’s most known for his lead in Lost Souls. One of Hollywood’s rising stars. Extremely good-looking, no, gorgeous, amazing blue eyes, dark hair, single . . .”

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I hope you don't hate me by now for all the teasing :)
I decided to spice up the wait for the cover reveal of Madness or Love.
Here is a brief  synopsis of the book. Enjoy! 
"Victoria is the young woman every girl wants to be—bright, driven, confident, and compassionate. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She never gives up on her dreams. But her personal life is a bit dull. At least, until she met him.
Ian Young is Hollywood's rising star. His impossibly-deep blue eyes are the talk of every magazine. His masculine body and chiseled face are in every girl’s dreams.
Fate brings them together one night in London, and they click perfectly. Against all logic, the strange connection between them deepens.
But will their friendship withstand the distance? Will the ocean between them tear them apart, or will love get in the way?"


To celebrate the upcoming cover reveal of MADNESS OR LOVE on 17/10
 I decided to make you a gift.
You can download a FREE copy of the poetry collection The Death of the Rose
 on 15th and 16th of October.
I know poetry is not for the faint of hearts :)
But I dare you to dive into those words of love and passion.
A bit of trivia: The poems were originally written in Bulgarian and later translated into English.


In The Night

A lonely soul out in the night
It walks unhappy on the alley plain.
A lonely woman in the night
Desolate she cries under the rain.

Two eyes out in the night,
Sad pearls brightening the sky.
A lonely woman in the night
In the rain she fades away and dies.

Rosie lips out in the night
They’ve uttered unforgiving lies.
A lonely woman in the night
In the rain and gripped by pain she dies.

A lonely soul out in the night
It’s killed by jealousy and blame.
A lonely woman in the night
She cries under the rain.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I know you're impatient but the wait is almost over.
The Cover Reveal of Madness or Love is just 3 days away.
Would you like to secure a copy of the book for just $0.99?

Monday, 13 October 2014


I've promised you a tease, and you'll get one every day until October 17th.
Would you like to join me on Friday? Drop me a line at selina.bodur@gmail.com and take part in the
Thank you!

Sunday, 12 October 2014


I hope I'm not the only person who's excited for the Cover Reveal of MADNESS OR LOVE.
I pray you're bumping around and counting the days until October 17th.
To prove my love for you I'll give you a tiny tease.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Is it Madness or Love?

I am extremely excited to announce
 the pre-order release of my romance novel
book one in the Be With Me series. Visit Amazon US or Amazon UK and secure a copy for just $0.99. Limited time offer!
Are you wondering about the cover? You’re welcome to join me and my friends on 17th October for a COVER REVEAL EVENT. Spread the word and finally meet Victoria Dean and Ian Young.
Are you ready for a blast? Sign up for the BOOK BLITZ organized by Lola’s Blog Tours and get a treat.
Thank you for the support!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Hello, my darlings!

I am extremely happy to announce that the next couple of days are your lucky ones!
You might ask why?
Fanfares . . .

The romance-drama novella FIGHTING THE IMPOSSIBLE by yours truly (me :) will be free to download on 17th and 18th September 2014th through Amazon. Don't miss the chance to read that beautiful story about love and loss, and share my deepest emotions.

And did you know you can download the Kindle Reading App on any device, so you can read my words even on your iPhone or laptop. How cool is that!

I would love to leave you a bit tinkly, so here is a small excerpt:

"Peter slightly touched her shoulder, sending electrical impulses throughout Tara’s body. “You were clutching the chair so hard, I thought you would break the backrest.” His eyes sparkled, warmer than the midday sun. 
“What do you care?” Oh, it sounded wrong again, she thought, but it was only his fault. Peter visibly withdrew by her tone and caused a part of the daylight to go out with the glimmer in his eyes.

“Well, just . . .” He reached over her and took a card with a guest name from the table. “Mr. Colum Preach won’t have a place to sit if you break his chair. All in the name of the perfect wedding!” His eyes flashed thunderstorm blue.

“I think we will be able to find an extra chair.” Tara’s tone was ice-cold. “And if not, Mr. Colum may take mine!”

“But wouldn’t that be wonderful!” Peter was on the verge of losing his temper. “Then we can share a chair, and I’ll even let you sit on my lap.” He winked at her.

Tara was clutching the scissors too hard. The adrenaline was blurring her vision, and self-control was a foreign word in his presence.
              “Be careful, Miss Whyley, you’ll cut yourself!” He gently took the sharp object from her stiff fingers, burning her soft skin. “And we still need your decorating skills.” His tone was indifferent and businesslike, but also somewhat guarded. Peter walked away with quick steps, leaving Tara alone to deal with the anger and the emotions raging in her heart, taking over her like a flock of angry birds. And why now, when he finally left her at peace, did she not feel relief, but emptiness? The world suddenly lost its charm: the grass was gray, and the sun was simply annoying, blinding her. Everything around her was like a tasteless meal in a five star restaurant. Tara gave up and sank into the chair beside her."


AMAZON US                            AMAZON UK

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A fight to remember

I must admit I'm not the biggest boxing fan. No, that statement is incorrect - I'm not a fan at all. When I come to think of it, the images that pop out in my head when I hear the word "boxing", are all about muscular male with broken noses, and splashes of blood. I may be wrong, but I don't want to have an argument. I want to share with you one fight to remember.
Or at least it should have been one. (sigh)
When me and my partner made the decision to travel to Hamburg and watch the World Championship in Boxing - Heavyweight I wasn't thrilled. Not that I don't love to travel. On the contrary. Just boxing is not my scene. But one person changed my mind - Kubrat Pulev.

He had put all effort into the ultimate goal - a fight against Wladimir Klitschko. And I respect that. I can relate to the man who tirelessly pursues his dreams. Not to mention he's Bulgarian, just like me.
Despite my boxing indifference, I got excited, and couldn't wait to get on the plane to Hamburg. I even ordered personalized t-shirts and packed the Bulgarian flag. My travel check list was all done: plane tickets, hotel, train, event tickets. All checked.
And all of a sudden my excitement crumbled down. Because on Monday 25th of August KMG postponed the game to the unknown future. The official reason: Injury of the World Champion Wladimir Klitschko.
My thoughts: He's chicken! I am not sure why I don't believe he has a torn biceps, but I don't. I can only hope that the maneuver would not harm Pulev's preparation for the fight, which now have been scheduled for 15th of November.
Now the downfall: I will miss the fight. I wasn't able to cancel the hotel and the flights, so we are going to Hamburg as planned in September. And now I feel sad because I won't be able to support a great Bulgarian as Kubrat Pulev.
I hope he wins. I hope he knocks the air out of Klitschko. I hope he reigns the boxing world. I hope!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Throwback Thursday - Bruges

Chocolate, canals, beer and diamonds.

You may think that these four words have nothing in common. But you're wrong. Bruges, Belgium is an unique mixture of all of them. "Venice of the Nord" - a name that fits that charming old town like a glove.
I had the fortune to spend couple of days walking through the streets of Bruges.

Jan van Eyckplein
I've visited at a time when I needed to get away from the dull life and the boring job. And Bruges happened to be the perfect remedy for me. A place where time had stopped, and despite the tons of tourists, you can soak up the history and the surprising tranquility.
I've stumbled upon numerous chocolatier's shops, but the one thing that surprised me was that I found the beer again. Strong, light caramel-colored, bitter, and yet refreshing and so addictive.
I hope I will return, dear Bruges. I will return to be kissed under the warm sunrays surrounded by cocoa aroma.
I will return.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Blogging 1. 01

My first post and I feel like dinosaur. Some of you had become real pros in blogging and I am starting just now. But writing ramblings on a paper (my laptop screen) was always easier than talking to people face to face. Maybe that's a writer's fate or I do need to visit a psychiatrist. Whatever the case you're stuck with me ;) . I will try to update you regularly on my ever-changing moods, my progress in writing, and the million book ideas that just need all the time in the world. (Sigh). So stay tuned, subscribe, and never miss a mental breakdown. I'm kidding! Or not :)
Whenever you feel the need to chat, please leave a comment, and I will answer and blabber all you want. One condition though: Be polite!

I am a sunny person; don't turn me into Mr. Hyde.

Image by Victor Habbick at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Ok, I admit, that picture is not quite right. She looks more like The Wicked Witch of the West, hahahah, but you get the meaning.
I'll write to you soon!