All About Selina

So, this is me.

I could tell you a lot of trivial stuff about me but let's begin with this:


Over thirty (let's keep the "over" part a secret), dark-haired, a little overweight

Bruges, Belgium
ordinary woman - just like you. After years spent in searchingfor the right carrier, and blindly jumping from management to waiting tables, I've ended up in the Car Valeting and Cleaning Business. I know, a bummer, right? And if that wasn't enough, I spent the last 5 years 3000 kilometers away from my home country Bulgaria. I and my partner settled in the UK in the beginning of the 2009 with the idea to save some money and return home, but . . . Life happened. And here I am, still cleaning cars and dreaming for a better future. I guess there is at least one thing that had been born from the lack of social life, the homesickness, and the too many hours spent in front of the computer that I care to admit. I've began writing. Even as a child my imagination had been running wild. I preferred to create worlds instead to live in the real one. During my teenage years I found poetry, and poured my heart out on the pages covered in tears. But I had to grow up and I kind of pushed my writing dream in the deepest and dustiest corner of my mind.
But the pull was too strong, and during 2012 I wrote my first novella "Fighting the Impossible". It took me over six months to translate the text in English, format the file, and self-publish it on Amazon's KDP platform.
And finally my dream took shape.

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