The Death of the Rose


THE DEATH OF THE ROSE - poetry collection

Love. A young heart. Pen and paper. That is all it takes to pour your soul out. Love – a power, strong enough to create miracles, to defied all odds, to make you untouchable and, at the same time, a force that is capable to destroy your heart and break your soul into pieces.
Poetry is an unique way to share emotions. These pages will let you to a place that is at the same time unique and beautiful, and torn, confused, and painful; a place where love is everything and nothing; a place that, I believe, you know.


"A great author bares their soul but a great poet bares their heart and their soul. Selina Bodur has done both. The Death of the Rose touches those feelings that are hidden so deep, we may not even know they are there. Bodur reaches in and grabs those feeling and brings them to the surface. She makes us feel."

"I read and re-read many of the poems for the simple reason that I love words, too.
As all poets do, Selina uses words to render feelings of love and betrayal, nostalgia and lost dreams, with real charm. Although her poems are simple, they are 'deep', that is, with fewer words she expresses the depth of love and suffering from a lost relationship."


"The artistic imagery of the poems reminds of a beautiful mosaic. Each piece is held up for our inspection, shares its own magic, and then is placed in the mosaic of romance."

"The Death of the Rose by Selina Bodur is a masterpiece of poetic art. Throughout human history, the rose has been a symbol of love. The rose fits this book of artistic poems very well. The poem "Friend" is so true to the nature of humans. Friendship is so delicate. It is hard to gain and easy to lose. Love is inspired by trust and can sometimes wither as fast as the rose. The poem "Dark" takes us to a place where the hollow feelings of lost love cause such a yearning for love. "Dreams" speaks of those memories that are lost, yet they can be found. Dreams seem so real. You can hold the hand of a lover or share a warm smile, only to wake to a harsh reality. But, what would life be without dreams?
As I read The Death of the Rose by Selina Bodur, I felt many emotions. Within every line of Ms. Bodur's poetry, there is a hunger for love. I could feel the waves splash upon my bare feet. I could take a long walk on the beach. My heart sank as the rose withered in such agony. Many people write about love, but I have never been as taken with poetic love as I was when I read this book. If you have ever experienced love, and I mean true love, you will be able to relate to the warmth and realities that The Death of the Rose bestows."

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