Thursday, 21 August 2014

Throwback Thursday - Bruges

Chocolate, canals, beer and diamonds.

You may think that these four words have nothing in common. But you're wrong. Bruges, Belgium is an unique mixture of all of them. "Venice of the Nord" - a name that fits that charming old town like a glove.
I had the fortune to spend couple of days walking through the streets of Bruges.

Jan van Eyckplein
I've visited at a time when I needed to get away from the dull life and the boring job. And Bruges happened to be the perfect remedy for me. A place where time had stopped, and despite the tons of tourists, you can soak up the history and the surprising tranquility.
I've stumbled upon numerous chocolatier's shops, but the one thing that surprised me was that I found the beer again. Strong, light caramel-colored, bitter, and yet refreshing and so addictive.
I hope I will return, dear Bruges. I will return to be kissed under the warm sunrays surrounded by cocoa aroma.
I will return.

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