Sunday, 19 October 2014

Editor Love

I know many of you are independent authors like me, and I must say--the self-publishing world is a cruel place. We all lack the resources and funds to successfully create and market our books. We write with our hearts and we are no marketing experts. But in order to survive in the self-publishing world we need to transform from artists to sales gurus.
When I decided to write my first novella I had no idea about the obstacles I was to face. I just wanted to write, to type word after word, and to pour my heart out onto those pages. I did my research into KDP, downloaded a formatting guidance, and started with Fighting the Impossible. After many months juggling between writing and my full-time job, I was finally ready to hit the "Publish" button. But I had made a crucial mistake. I published my book without working with a professional editor. I had ignored the fact that there could be no successful business without an initial investment. I haven't created the best product, and no amount of advertising could have changed that.
What was worst--my mistake had branded me to the point where a reviewer declined my newest book because of the editing mistakes in my previous one. Luckily for me I had came to my senses after a couple of eyes-opening reviews and started the search of the perfect editor. I had almost no budget, but I was willing to beg.
It's funny how I don't remember the day I stumbled upon Courtney Umphress, and my life as a writer changed dramatically. I know one for sure--that was my lucky day. I just love critic; I'm open to new horizons and knowledge. The process wasn't painful, and the day I got my edited manuscript, colored all in red, was the first day of my future writing carrier. Actually, writing this post I am thinking about her. She would probably have a field day reading, correcting and rewording my ramblings. Courtney, I hope I haven't disappointed you.
Over an year had past since that day, and now we had finished working over Madness or Love. The beauty of it--I have found not only the perfect editor for my style, but a friend that had supported me through my insecurities and doubts. That's my way to show my love for you--the bow goes to you! Now I have much more time for reading and writing my upcoming novel Let Your Heart Believe (Be With Me Book 2).

If you're reading this post and you're an author searching for an editor--your quest ends here. Look no more! You can contact Courtney Umphress HERE and like her on Facebook.

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