Thursday, 16 October 2014


The cover is almost in front of your eyes, but . . . You'll have to wait just one more day to see my creation. I know it sounds like bragging, but I am really proud of my work. I have been designing the covers for all my books and I hope you'll agree I did well. The elusive cover of MADNESS OR LOVE is just twenty-four hours away.
and read
Until then you can enjoy a tiny excerpt!
Love you all!
"She went to work that day without suspecting that her life would change inevitably. She felt the strange aura with the first steps she made into the spacious lobby. It was quiet, too quiet for a hotel in central London at 8:00 p.m. Two of her colleagues at the front desk whispered lively.
 Stacy noticed her first and impatiently waved her hand. “You won’t believe it,” she said in a hushed voice. Her eyes burned, and her cheeks flushed. “We’ll have a VIP guest. He should arrive before midnight. Imagine!”
“Who is he?” Victoria interrupted impatiently. The only thought on her mind was the immense pressure and expectations that a “very important person” would bring to the staff. And besides, she never understood the hysteria surrounding the rich and famous. In her mind, they were all just humans.
“Ian Young,” came Stacy’s squeaky answer.
“Who?” Victoria lifted her brows questioningly.
Her colleague looked dumbfounded. “You don’t know who he is!” Her tone raised a notch. She looked at her as if Victoria just killed someone, or at least stole her favorite curling iron.
Victoria’s amused smile turned into a frown while she wondered how anyone could be so shallow. Stacy would never win any kind of “bright mind” award, true, but to Victoria, her life was only Friday night parties, boys, and celebrity gossip. She waited patiently but wasn’t prepared for the answer.
“Born 1986, New Orleans, one sister. He started his career as a model at sixteen; first movie—Broken Stars—wasn’t a success. He’s most known for his lead in Lost Souls. One of Hollywood’s rising stars. Extremely good-looking, no, gorgeous, amazing blue eyes, dark hair, single . . .”

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