Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Meet Ian Young

I though it would be easier to write about Ian Young - the main male character in Madness or Love. I was wrong. It could be that his eyes are so distracting and make my thoughts swirling in my head. Or maybe it's the real person behind the deep-blue eyes, the one who was the inspiration for the character. The man behind Ian Young is inspirational, gorgeous, hardworking, compassionate, animal lover, and a brilliant actor. He crossed my life few years back, indirectly, but managed to leave a deep mark. He touched me, and I honored him in the pages of my novel. That was the least I could do.
So, Ian Young is a projection, a mirrored image of a great man. But page after page he transformed and got a life of his own. I pray I'll meet him one day, and you may think that's too farfetched, but we'll speak again when some big movie studio picks Madness or Love :) for their next project. Dreams are free, you know!
Care to bury your fingers in Ian's unruly hair?


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