Monday, 20 October 2014

Meet Victoria Dean

I think every author weaves parts of his/her soul and mind into a character. Or maybe our heroes/ heroines are a projection of our dreams and hopes to be better if not perfect human beings.
I know for sure that Victoria Dean is my better self. She is still young (not over thirty with the first signs of gray hair), has a perfect style and confidence, when on the contrary I wear my boring dark-blue uniform five days out of seven. She's driven and never gives up. Victoria can separate her personal from her professional life. Guess who often can't! She's the young woman I always wanted to be. The reality turned out different from my dreams and goals, but I found writing. Being an author is like living in several completely incompatible realities. And that's the beauty of writing.
I chose to be Victoria Dean--at least for a small fraction of time.
If you want to dive into her world, you could meet her HERE.
Madness or Love available October 24.

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